A history of households having pets and how companion animals affect peoples lives

Animals may help you in other unexpected ways. The Waterloo Region is composed of three urban and four rural municipalities.

important role of pets

A recent study showed that caring for fish helped teens with diabetes better manage their disease. Animal bites can cause serious harm. Walking a dog gets people out of private spaces, which can be isolating, and into public areas where interactions with neighbors and other walkers are possible.

Benefits of animals to humans

Most evidence on the benefits of having a pet comes from surveys of current health, but that means it is impossible to know if a person is in good health because she has a pet or if he is more likely to get a pet because he is in good health. Griffin, and Valerie Maholmes. Results During the 4-week period in which the survey was administered, of the individuals who were approached Having a dog might not influence or might protect against specific dog allergies. Animals Helping People Animals can serve as a source of comfort and support. This could bias the study results. Washington D.

Does having a goldfish confer the same health benefits as having a golden retriever? The increased disease risk for children is additionally imparted through closer physical contact with household animals, reduced hand hygiene and behaviours that include pica and exploration of the environment through mouthing.

Br J Psychol; Impact on Physical Health Companion animals may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations.

importance of pets essay
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The social and economic value of pets to human society