An argument against body piercings

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My most important concern is to be godly. Doctors tried putting a breathing tube down her throat, but their path was blocked by three 1-inch-long metal stud barbells running along the length of her tongue. Is that what people conclude when they see a person with multiple tattoos and piercings?

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Disadvantages of ear piercing

Infections and Removal Problems The popularity of piercing various body parts continues to increase, from mainstream thirty-somethings to rebellious teenagers, and they are piercing their bodies in stranger and stranger places - in the mouth, on their navels, through cheeks and even in the genitals. Of course, a woman could also draw undue attention to herself by under doing it, that is, by wearing too little. In fact, infections from moist or unclean piercing sites now occur in about one out of every five piercings. The jewellery metal usually used for piercings is nickel and some skin may be allergic to this metal leading to metallic reaction which causes infection. They ought to exercise good judgment; they are to dress and adorn themselves so as to communicate godliness. You could use the following plan: Paragraph 1 Introduction Body piercing has recently become very popular among young people in many countries. If you decide to get a body piercing, do a little investigative work about a shop's procedures and find out whether it provides a clean and safe environment for its customers.

Can we draw undue attention to ourselves with tattoos, nose rings, or navel piercings? Take it out and let the hole close up or put in a different type of earring. The department issued a new policy: officers could get tattoos only if they were hidden by their uniforms.

But even if you are careful, problems can happen.

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An Argument against Body Piercings