An introduction to the issue of genocide

Together, these memorials bear the poignant message that we remember the victims of the Holocaust for themselves and in the hope of preventing future genocides.

An introduction to the issue of genocide

In , the U. Kuper, Leo. That said, two real advances have been made. New York: Facts on File, , Notes 1. Two of the major figures responsible for the genocide in the former Yugoslavia those named above , as well as more than half of the 62 other men indicted on war-crimes charges, have evaded capture. Amid cries that America could not be policeman to the world, the episode gave Washington an additional reason not to deploy Americans in Bosnia About 1 in 20 defendants has been acquitted. Most are also committed to developing the means for intervening in or preventing future genocides from taking place. As positive as these developments are, all have had their share of problems. Neier, New York: Times Books,

First, they should seek out key works about genocide in order to become familiar with the major genocidal events and conversant with the key issues in the field of genocide studies.

Inthe ICTR set the important precedent that systematic rape is in fact a crime of genocide; it also handed down the first conviction for genocide after a trial, that of the mayor of the Rwandan town of Taba.

Although the main focus of such groups is a wide range of human rights violations and not only genocide, such work provides students with powerful insights into problems faced by nations and individuals across the globe, some of which lead to genocidal acts.

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Israel W. Many genocides do not have a constituency, let alone a strong constituency, calling attention to them. The problem is that they seem to do so after the fact, that is, after an act of genocide has been committed and members of the targeted group are lying dead in the tens to hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Fifth, many survivors of the Holocaust live in the United States, and teachers and students with access to them have been extremely moved by their stories. There is also the wariness of many nations to enter into agreements that could, at some point, subordinate national sovereignty to international will. Fourth, the Holocaust was perpetrated by a Western nation against its own citizens and people of neighboring countries, providing a focal point that is of great interest to other Westerners. At the present rate of trials, it would take years to try all the defendants. Second, and this is obviously related to the first point, a plethora of books, essays, first-person accounts, films, curricula, teacher guides, and other adjunct materials are available for use by teachers. First, the Holocaust is one of the most if not the most documented events in the history of humanity. Encyclopedia of Genocide. The Clinton Administration, especially the Pentagon, feared that there were not enough safeguards to prevent American soldiers from being brought to trial for acts committed in the line of duty abroad. In its more than 20 years of operation, the ICTY indicted individuals of crimes committed during the Balkan wars. Neier, Aryeh.

Security Council established the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ICTY at The Hague, in the Netherlands; it was the first international tribunal since Nuremberg and the first to have a mandate to prosecute the crime of genocide.

First is the establishment of International Alert IAwhose initial mandate was both to alert world public opinion and government leaders as to potential genocides and to implement conflict resolution programs in areas of on-going violence with the potential to explode into genocidal massacres.

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While Milosevic died in prison in before his lengthy trial concluded, the ICTY convicted Karadzic of war crimes in and sentenced him to 40 years in prison. Andreopoulos, ed. Most of the noted scholars in the field of genocide studies have contributed entries to this pioneering volume.

Hesitancy on the part of a nation to commit its own troops to a dangerous situation e.

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However much we hope for it, we simply cannot assume that our government or the United Nations is going to act for us to counteract genocide in a timely fashion, if at all.

New York: Facts on File,

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