Automotive industry in slovakia

But the scale and importance of the automotive sector is even more evident by the number of direct and indirect job positions created by this industry. That historical setting made the country fruitful ground for the automotive industry.

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It employs, directly as well as indirectly, more thanpeople. Small- and medium-sized models have proven over the past few years their resilience also during economic turmoil, as many families decide to proceed with the renewal of their fleet, but trade down for more fuel and maintenance efficient vehicles.

However, following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia inthe Czech Republic inherited most of its auto production capabilities and since then has grown fast through foreign investment.

DE Bratislava factory, his colleagues congratulated him on securing a well-paid position he could ride to retirement. Thus ZAP requires the government simplifying procedures for employing workers from third countries.

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But with some plants in Slovakia already being in the position to produce the most advanced cars with electric drive, which will gradually become the standard, the current outlook is definitely a good one. Such a resource is not that easy to replicate in the short-term, plus the vast volume of the investment made into fixed assets puts a time limit as to when this investment will reach a break-even point.

Analysts and experts see especially a bigger focus on education and innovations that would help Slovakia not to become a new Detroit.

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Likewise, the facility in Slovakia is producing several models of different brands.

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Automotive industry