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Though the previous two characters portrayed Dostoevsky's beliefs through their writings and speeches, Dmitri displays the beliefs mainly through his actions. Smerdyakov's mother, a passive woman called stinking Lizaveta, gave birth to him by means of the twisted Karamazov. A relatively harmless presence, she is somewhat shallow and self-centered, and tends to obsess over the misbehaviors of her daughter Lise. If Dostoevsky had, for example, written the novel from the point of view of Alyosha, the novel would have lost a great deal of its meaning. He may be made falsely happy, for a while, but he will soon realize, as Ivan does, that without God there can be no virtue. Ivan supports a general acceptance of Christian morality because he feels that if the average man does not have some type of dictate to follow, an era of lawlessness ensues. But despite Dostoevsky's overbearing presence in his masterpiece, one variable inevitably affects all of his characters as well as the entire living world--death. But as Zosima and Dostoevsky both believed, the salvation of mankind can only come through love and suffering. Yet, he struggles with questions concerning life after death, and this leads to a nervous breakdown at a crucial point in Dmitri's life.

Smerdyakov has many of the characteristics of the other three sons: the motivation of Dmitri, the intellectual ability of Ivan, and the outward innocence of Alyosha. He may be made falsely happy, for a while, but he will soon realize, as Ivan does, that without God there can be no virtue.

The novel, as inferred from the aforementioned personal statement, may best be described as an autobiography of Dostoevsky filled with his beliefs, values, theories, and insights on a bestial world. If the character is frequently called by one of many nicknames, the frequently used name is italicized.

This drives Ivan crazy, and during the trial he falls into a nervous breakdown prior to crucial testimony beneficial to Dmitri. Alyosha eventually has to return to the monastery, however, and Ivan purposely leaves town; the suspense continues to build as Dostoevsky subtly manipulates these events so as to leave Fyodor vulnerable.

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Confronted by a conflict in ideas that he is unable to solve, he declines into madness. Throughout this poem, Ivan attacks the Roman Catholic Church which depends largely upon miracles to prove their power.

Fyodor Karamazov, the first man introduced by Dostoevsky, has fathered four children, three by two wives and one bastard son. It is largely because of this preoccupation that he commits the immoral actions that he does.

Superficially, the novel deals with a horrifying parricide and how the supporting characters devised direct and indirect circumstances leading to the murder.

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