Green construction dissertation

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Geothermal heating and cooling and water conservation techniques appear to be some technologies that will be making major steps to improvement in the near future. Water body is integrated with design for optimal microclimate.

Green construction dissertation

Principle surfaces that contribute to the heat island effect include streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and buildings. It is better 27 to use sprinklers that produce fine sprays and not those that produce larger water droplets. This saves on energy as artificial lights are made to turn off once there is sufficient amount of natural light.

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Office spaces and other space requirements. Heat island effect can be minimized by use of shading or reflective surfaces. Remember that a more durable paint is less expensive in the long run. Nancy Kambaliya thesis topic on green buildings my pleasure Some are drought tolerant. Layout the site activities and building requirements after carrying out detailed site analysis so as to ensure sustainable site development in tune with its topographical, climatic, and ecological character. Substances containing Chlorine or Bromine contribute to the breakdown of the ozone layer in the stratosphere, resulting in harmful ultra violet radiation reaching earth's surface, and thus global climate change. LEED ventures are endorsed by central and national public structures. Sprinkler irrigation Sprinkler irrigation is a method similar to natural rainfall in which water is distributed through a system of pipes. Human body can tolerate temperature up to C. It is recommended that: The landscape should be a mix of native shrubs and xeriscape plants.

With every range of qualifications, there come diverse stages: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Planning and development Registrar Dy.

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Definitely, Bahrain world trade center strikes out as the best environmental friendly building in the world. This gives rise to warmer temperatures in urban landscapes, which have large areas of constrained surfaces low on reflectance. The sensor taps has automatic on and off flow control. Office spaces and other space requirements. What I suggest is take the guidelines and keep "Green" as one aspect of your building among various design concerns. The solar passive design strategy should vary from one climate to another. Use of aerators can result in flow rates as low as 2 litres per minute, which is adequate 3. A 10 year paint may cost a little more than a 5 year, but there is only a one time labor cost, which is the most expensive part of most paint jobs. India is one of the water rich countries of the World. A binder that holds the pigment to the surface and a carrier or solvent mineral spirits or water to dissolve and maintain the pigment. These problems can be eliminated using low VOC paints Economic Healthy occupants are more productive and have less illness related absenteeism. The design of a green building will factor in the ways in which the natural site features can be protected or even restored. It is not only convenient and hygienic but also an excellent water saving device that can work under normal water pressure. However, as ideal as the solar power might be, the technology is only restricted to places that receive direct sunlight every single day in a year.

It further explains the concept of an administrative building in an educational institution and also the need of such a project.

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Impact of Green Design and Technology on Building Environment