How to write a comic book proposal

Character Designs Include drawings of notable characters that appear in the story.

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Look at other books in your genre for inspiration — but try to steer clear of being a direct copy. British anthology AD only accepts pitches for 4 page Future Shock stories, and as above, Image comics will only accept submissions that include copies of inked and lettered pages from the proposed book.

Brutal, eh?

selling a comic book script

Some artists are too polite to say no, but never deliver — and that situation is even worse! If you are really successful and have the numbers to prove it, it also makes a publisher more likely to consider taking a meeting or answer your query letter. Have them send layouts or sketches for your approval, give feedback and suggestions and get out of their way.

Give them some room to do their thing in terms of visual storytelling — or learn to draw yourself. Your bio should be brief—3 to 5 sentences—and should tell a little about you and any previous work or history worth noting. What makes them do what they do?

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Writing a Good Pitch for Your Comic