How to write an opposite editorial page

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An op-ed, short for "opposite the editorial page" or "opinion editorial", is a written prose piece The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

End with a strong closing statement. Research also allows a reader to include sensory data touch, taste, smell, sound or sight into a column.

how to write an opinion editorial

Instructions for submitting an op-ed are usually at the bottom of the page where they appear or on the paper's website. Tie your piece to the strongest possible news peg — a high-profile Supreme Court ruling or major space-exploration launch, for example -- and deliver it several days ahead of that event, if possible.

Readers will look to authors who have standing, either because they have expertise in their field or unique experience of a subject. Research involves acquiring facts, quotations, citations or data from sources and personal observation. As a summertime service for readers of the editorial pages who may wish someday to write for them, here's a list of things I've learned over the.

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op ed template

Distinguishing characteristics of an op-ed or column Partly, a column is defined by where it appears, but it shares some common characteristics: Typically, it is short, between and words.

Explain why you think the issue is important to the paper's readers. Know this before you send the op-ed to other papers.

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How to write an op