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The preface to his collection of poetry, entitled Leaves of Grass, first published in merely 79 years after the United States was founded acts as a reinforcement of nationalist sensibilities that work to define what the American is on a internal and international scale.

As a volunteer at an army hospital during the American Civil War, he saw many die and became increasingly grateful for the opportunities provided by the American government Mirsky.

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He also connects the people in the country together, making them into one unit. He lived happily through the joy of others. Plus, according to some experts, humans have sung before they learned to speak. Whitman removed it from the cluster, giving the poem its own title.

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Their poems give us insight into the time period, as well as universal insight about life. I will Accept nothing which all cannot have their counterpart of on the same terms.

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The ideas of sex and more risque feelings were not described or even mention in these poems. In Whitman's eyes, each laborer is "happy" and working happy as well. To illustrate a new perspective to different audiences about today 's society ideologies on social prejudice and progressivism in the American people Singers need to communicate effectively, reason and problem solve, manage oneself, people, time, and things, and be able to work with people.

In contrast to what the government had been returning to, Americans as a whole were finding their identity as a very young nation and were proud to call themselves Americans The young girl who is doing her sewing and laundry could possibly be a maid or the daughter or sibling of the woman who is singing the "delicious" song.

There were many versions and poems in the collection.

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I Hear America Singing