Impact of traiining methods on employee

research paper on impact of training on employee performance

Among other schools that highlighted the usefulness of training are AkintayoOguntimehin and Graig This video is a little old now, but does a great job of explaining the concept: 3. Chapter three discusses the research methodology adopted for the study and relevant justifications.

Conceptual framework on training and employee performance

All these contributions lead to achieving competitive advantage Youndt et al. Related Posts. However, for some years now it appears training in Ghana Ports Harbours Authority is haphazard, unplanned and unsystematic, and several of its employees such as machine operators, junior and middle level engineers, accounts clerks, computer operators, secretaries, drivers and many other category of workers, have not qualified for any form of training nor is there any systematic process of staff development in place. They offer new hires and interns the opportunity to learn from established executives who help them set career goals and develop their leadership skills. A great example of a company with a successful mentorship program is Boeing. Most organizations meet their needs for training in an ad hoc and haphazard way whiles others set about identifying their training needs, then design training activities in a rational manner and finally assess the results of training. Interactive training can be highly effective because it combats the one-directional transfer of knowledge that comes with lecture-style training; by empowering conversation and group interaction, you not only keep the energy high, but allow participants to all learn from each other. IBM also uses video trainings, but in a more robust way. Airbus walks pilots and flight attendants through the ins and outs of their planes via a video tour, overviewing features and safety procedures in a real-world situational video.

Another major disadvantage of this method is its rigidity. Results of the research by Aragon-Sanchez et al. Their applications for study leave were turned down with those who were persistent being advised to resign. Training is the planned and systematic modification of behavior through learning events, activities and programs which results in the participants achieving the levels of knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities to carry out their work effectively Gordon According Colein his book Personnel and Human Resource Management, training is a learning activity directed towards the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills for the purpose of an occupation or task.

According to Armstrongexpressing an understanding of training emphasizes that training should be developed and operated within an organization by appreciating learning theories and approaches if the training is to be well understood.

Research proposal on training and development for employees pdf

This approach can work for people who learn best when alone, but it might not be as effective for people who learn best in a team setting. Training has been observed as part of human development. Many companies choose CBT or e-learning courses because they easily scale; one person or people can take CBT courses at one time, starting and stopping at their own pace. They can also include resources like videos and reading material to accompany coursework, similar to what you might find in a classroom environment. Check out our training videos page for more information and video examples. One company that uses a hands-on approach to training is Seattle Genetics, a global oncology pharmaceutical and tech company. Pheesey defines training as the systematic process of altering the behavior and or attitudes of employees in a direction to increase the achievement of organizational goals. What they are saying is that the success or failure of a training program is frequently related to the recognition and application of basic psychological principles of learning. The key messages from the literature reviewed include that Training evaluation can take many forms and the components it includes should be selected according to the information needed and how those information are expected to be used. This method is great for outgoing people who are more extroverted, but quieter employees might not feel as comfortable speaking up and interacting, and may get less out of this type of training. Interactive methods This training method takes classroom-style lectures to a new level by adding interactive and group activities to the training experience.

Griffin has drawn the attention of the entire sundry to the inestimable value of training and development. Training both physically, socially, intellectually and mentally are very essential in facilitating not only the level of productivity but also the development of personnel in any organization.

Many companies choose to leverage existing e-learning platforms like Lynda.

research paper on impact of training on employee performance

However, mentorship programs require your most high-performing people to step away from their primary roles to grow newer team members. It follows therefore that the employees in an organization to be able to perform their duties and make meaningful contributions to the success of the organizational goals need to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge.

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