Major character analysis of the house on mango street by sandra cisneros

She is grateful, until he asks her for a birthday kiss. But she also feels vaguely humiliated, simply because she is out of synch with the group. Her assessments of Sally "all you wanted was to love. Sally is one of Esperanza's closest friends.

She does not want to take care of anyone. Writing is part of her identity, something she searches for throughout the book.

Nenny, whose real name is Magdalena, is a pretty, dreamy little girl for whom Esperanza is often responsible. Soon after, Nenny, Rachel, Lucy and Esperanza are talking, and their discussion about the different names for clouds and snow leads to an inventive name-calling game.

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It is a trap that draws her, of course; like most young girls, she feels herself becoming a sexual being, and she is impatient to get away from home, to stop being her parents' daughter and start being her own person.

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House on Mango Street Characters