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This concept, done through your social channels when leading up to a product launch can help to build excitement and anticipation among your audience and hopefully in turn, more sales. We experienced a 4.

I checked the engagement levels of the top 5 posts from each site over the last week and as it turns out, Manchester United fall short by quite some way: Here you can see the top 5 posts on the Manchester United website over the last week and the social engagement.

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The video was subsequently deleted, adding to the hype, but not before eager fans had screenshotted and shared the video. After the Champions League final, both Ronaldo and Bale hinted that they could be on the move.

Not too dissimilar to Taylor Swift but out of the three, Justin Bieber clearly wins. Mourinho, fielded a youthful side as the game ended Ronaldo has shifted his base to Turin since and Gareth Bale looks to be on the move as well, with Manchester United still interested, according to the Sunday Express.

The double edged sword of sports marketing means on one hand that you already have an incredibly loyal and bought-in fan base to utilise; but your marketing is also inextricably linked to your sporting success. Bale has been linked with a move to United for years now, like Ronaldo, but nothing concrete has materialized yet, similar to Ronaldo.

It had created the necessary buzz and excitement, as if there needed to be any! They claim that Bale has been assured that he will be the leading star in the United squad and Mourinho has decided to build his team around the Welsh superstar. With a global product like the Premier League, many newer fans may be much more likely to switch to a rival club.

As such, getting his signature would be trickier than it looks. Additionally, we may also seek to refine how we segment the different elements of this business.

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5 Players Manchester United are linked to in the Transfer Market right now