Past hsc english creative writing questions

Here are some examples of the difference between showing and telling. More than anything else, discoveries lead to new worlds, values and ideas. Using the stimuli given above, take 5 minutes to write the beginning of your HSC Creative Writing piece. This is definitely something you could use in your HSC creative writing.

It just keeps going and going. You can have a look at my own creative writing piece here. You need to decide how many words you need to effectively and creatively express your ideas about discovery. Deliberate planning is essential for a discovery.

Writing entirely in the present tense is not as easy as it seems, it is very easy to fall into past tense. Usually, bright and sunny go together.

hsc discovery creative writing samples

If you have a question on HSC creative writing or anything else, it is guaranteed that so many other students do too. How many facts can you convey without telling the reader directly?

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