Types of forests and their importance to mankind

Temperate Temperate forests—common throughout North America, Eurasia, and Japan—are primarily deciduous, characterized by tall, broad-leafed, hardwood trees that shed brilliantly colored leaves each fall. They're pillars of their communities.

The forest is dominated by coniferous trees, which have needle-shaped leaves with minimal surface area to prevent excessive water loss. Photo Credits. Shall we have a detailed look at the major types of forests?

Examples of the trees include pine, spruce, and fir.

importance of forest conservation

The forest floor has limited vegetation, thanks to the dense canopy. You should expect to find ferns, mosses, and wildflowers on the floor of these forests. They uphold climate stability, promote biodiversity, and contribute to economic development.

The temperature stays pretty constant throughout the year, with a lot of precipitation, cm in.

uses of forest in human life

Various Types of Forests There are broadly three major types of forests — tropical, temperate, and boreal forests.

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Importance of Forests