Writing a description of a person examples of adjectives

Words to describe personality characteristics

In the meantime, here's a large selection to whet your adjectival appetite. Example sentence: Eric is very serious person. Calm : Serene, Someone who has a calm personality does not get agitated or upset easily. The more we read, the more we add to our vocabulary. Enter Adjectives to Describe a Person People vary in terms of their physical appearance and personalities, and the words that are used to describe them are just as varied. She is always there for me. Example sentence: My sister is a very tidy person. Example sentence: My boss is really grumpy. Physical Appearance Physical appearance is self-explanatory. I'm the opposite; I'm really untidy! Example: Donahue was so eccentric that even the few friends he had, had trouble keeping up with him. He's always winning prizes in competitions. Seemingly secretive Example: The most intriguing part of the novel was the mysterious stranger who appeared suddenly in the town. However, below are some height adjectives that are appropriate for descriptions of people.

Example: She brushed her silky auburn hair behind her ear and smiled sheepishly at him. Shape adjectives help to create clear and visual images of the physical appearance of people.

Negative adjectives to describe a person

Example sentence: James is a very rude person. She is really good at drawing. Where would we be without adjectives? Example: Even though Calvin was new to the school, his charismatic ways soon won over most of the students and this was the main reason he won the race for class president. In describing other things, it carries the meaning; diminishing or lessening. This word helps to create an image of a person who is extremely short, like a dwarf. When she talks, she drowns everybody else out. Example sentence: I'm in a joyful mood today. Curly hair can be straightened temporarily to achieve a different look. Using neutral adjectives to describe people is much safer. She isn't very talkative. He works really hard at his job. It includes aspects of an individual that others can see, hear, and feel, such as hair, height, and shape. I wouldn't trust him. She always keeps her promises.

Example sentence: My brother is very hard-working. He works really hard at his job. Calm : Serene, Someone who has a calm personality does not get agitated or upset easily.

The first four examples in this section are nationality adjectives while the other two are ethnicity adjectives. It might be a cupcake or their time--either way, they're happy to share. Related words: intuition and intuitively.

positive personality adjectives list
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Positive Personality Adjectives