Writing an if statement in spss what is the obtained

You can either just type it in or compose it using the various buttons and other elements from the dialog pane: Selecting a variable name from the list, a mathematical operation using a button on the keypad or a function from the list.

It works reasonably for this variable but IF works great for all variables. Please be precise. What if we wanted to refer to the entire range of test score variables, beginning with English and ending with Writing, without having to type out each variable's name?

Let's first assume that you have a single condition. Compute the birth year Assume that for a reason or another you need the birth year for all observations. Outlook These basic examples just introduce the mechanisms for very simple situations simple task, no complications with missing data.

The maximum for females not working fulltime is below If I missed anything essential, please throw me a comment below.

spss select if multiple conditions

Result Let's check that the ANY function produced the results that we expected.

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Creating and recoding variables