Zara case study strategic management

Generic Strategies, three bases Cost leadership, differentiation and focus are three bases of generic strategies that re defined by Porter who claims that by having these three basis a company can have competitive advantage over its competitors.

They are unique in a what that they see what the new fashions clothes are and that they are able to produce those clothes and bring them in the shops in a couple of weeks.

In addition, this department is responsible for the frequent refurbishing of store layouts, as well as the creation of a common window display for Zara s global stores.

zara business strategy

This is an pattern of the waste management policy that is followed in the company. The pricing strategy of Zara in the words of one analyst is Armani at moderate prices. This branch is selling accessories and ornaments that are used for house decoration and it is relatively expensive comparing to its competitors in that market.

In contrast, Zara is a chain that has developed a successful diverse method of doing business in the fashion industry. Ans Core competency is special outlook, skill, capability or technology that creates unique value for the firm by creating an acknowledged thread that runs through all of the firm s value activities.

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ZARA 's Business Strategy